Bodybuilding 101: 4 Way To Maximize Efforts Outside The Gym

You go hard in the gym and do everything that you can to get the body that you want… but are you doing everything you can at home to make the most of those efforts? These 4 things are vital to achieving the mass that you want and they have nothing to do with the weight room…

Eat Your Protein… Don’t Drink It.

Sure – protein shakes are great when you cannot fix a quick meal post-workout. However, natural protein is a better option for growing bigger and stronger. Your best bet, as always, is grilled chicken (with about 20ish grams of protein per serving), but avocados, string cheese, eggs and lean beef are also great sources. If you find it hard to cook after killing it in the free weight room, then consider frozen organic chicken strips that can be added to a bowl of rice for a 5 minute dish that will get the job done.

Stay Hydrated.

your body is working over time for you. Treat it right by staying hydrated – even on off days. Your body needs everything you can give it to achieve the results that you want.

Rest… and Actually Rest!

If you are new to bodybuilding, then you may not realize yet that rest days are not only vital… but the most important part of your workout plan. When you lift, you are breaking down your muscle fibers. If you continually break down the same muscle group day after day, then you will only break down the tissue again and again. Until the fibers can weave together through rest, you will not achieve the results that you want.

Map Out Your Workout.

It can be easy to forget what movements you have accomplished while you are covered in sweat and in the zone. It can help to take a list with you of the exercises that you want to execute during a training session. You may also wish to start a workout plan that is already mapped out for you if you are a newbie. There is nothing wrong with learning the ropes. Knowing them helps you to get the body you want quicker.

Bodybuilding is a lifelong commitment that takes place both in the gym and outside of it. While it takes a lot of dedication, when you stick to your plan, you will reach your goals and be well on your way to a lifetime of good health and fitness.